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Næringsveien is a norwegian podcast that aims to provide insight into the business world in Northern Norway through interviews with interesting people.

Through conversations about their lives, jobs and future plans, the podcast gives listeners the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the people who develop our business world.

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We highlight some of our favorites


Bjørn-Tore Hagberg, SmartDok AS

Join Bjørn-Tore Hagberg as he talks about technology, software development and how to build a successful company in the new episode of Næringsveien.

He started his journey as an employee of Alta Municipality, before joining a bachelor's degree in information technology at the University of Finnmark (now UiT). Furthermore, he wrote his master's thesis in GPS tracking on mobile, which became the basis for the SmartDok app we know today.

When he finished college, he started the software company Ascella which developed the apps EasyCoach, TimeOverview and SmartDok. After 10 years, they changed their name to SmartDok, because SmartDok was becoming more famous among the population than Ascella, and 90% of the revenue came from SmartDok.

Ulf-Stian Andersen, Andersen Arbeidsdykking AS - Alta Akvaservice AS - Sea Inspiration AS - Far North AS

Ulf-Stian Andersen is involved in companies such as Andersen Arbeidsdykking, Alta Akvaservice, Sea Inspiration and Far North.

He is one of many who have earned good money as a supplier to the aquaculture industry around Northern Norway.
In this episode, we talk about work ethic, transparency in business, the current school system and how you can succeed without education!

Sondre Kristoffersen, Alta Fiskeriselskap AS

When his father Jens Kristian Kristoffersen passed away, Sondre Kristofferen took over Alta Fiskeriselskap and a debt of NOK 95 million.

Hear the story of how they turned their investment M/S Jens Kristian from a nightmare to a fairy tale.
I would like to add that Sondre lost his grandfather the day before the recording of this podcast and he was greatly affected by the incident when we spoke.

Jens-Harald Jenssen, Seacloud US

Join a deep dive into the aquaculture industry with Jens-Harald Jenssen, CEO of Seacloud AS 🌊

Stig Asle Hanssen, Ishavskraft AS

Hear the story of Stig Asle Hanssen, CEO of Ishavskraft AS.

Ishavkraft is one of Norway's largest power suppliers, with private and corporate customers throughout the country.
The energy industry is changing, and Ishavskraft is at the forefront of development.

Ishavskraft works in innovation, product development, power trading, portfolio management, sustainability, accounting, sales, customer service, development, marketing and communications.