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Video Production

Engage your audience like never before

Visual Narrative

Video production is a communications technique that has taken a prominent place in the digital world.

From creating engaging marketing content to disseminating educational materials, video production opens the doors to effective and creative storytelling.

The appeal behind video

One of the most appealing aspects of video production is its ability to combine different artistic elements -- such as visual art, music, narrative and acting -- to create a rich, multidimensional experience.

Whether for social media, corporate presentations, or online learning platforms, video production can be customized to meet a wide range of needs and audiences, making it an indispensable tool in modern communications and marketing.

Video narration

Visual appeal

Video captures attention more effectively than other forms of media, makes it easier to convey complex ideas and emotions.

Increased engagement

Videos increase engagement and interaction with the target audience, especially in digital media.


Video production can be customized to suit many purposes—from education and marketing to entertainment.

Video Portfolio


Meet the guides Juli-Anne, Christoffer, Ingrid, Trine, and Jeanette, who will take you on a humorous yet informative journey from Vadsø to Alta. Learn about their unique approaches to career guidance and discover that Careers Finnmark is a free offer for everyone. We capture the culture and people behind your business!


Let the people who live there tell the story. Anne Mari shares why she chose Bossekopfjæra: the connection to the sea, the amazing views, and the well-developed outdoor areas. From sunny days to winter storms, experience all the seasons at Havspeil through her eyes.Havspeil sin nettside.


See how Finnmark Kraft is modernising the world's northernmost wind farm to meet tomorrow's energy needs. From recycling old turbines to local financing, we show you sustainability in practice.


From office to construction site, our video shows the transformative power of Xsite Pro 3D machine control for excavators. Experience how advanced 3D capabilities and premium visibility make digging more accurate than ever. Let's highlight your product the way it deserves!


Unsure about your future career? In our engaging video, we see how Per performs in two completely different professional roles. Through creative animations and scenes, we show how Karriere Finnmark helps you navigate the professional jungle to find the right fit for you.


Join us on a journey through Alta municipality's largest investment ever. From state-of-the-art care homes to integrated welfare technology, we document how Alta Care Center creates a better everyday life for residents and employees alike.


Food is more than just nourishment; it's an experience. Our video for MerkMaten shows not only delicious cakes, but also how you can easily find out about any allergies in the cake. From appetizer to dessert, we get a mouth watering experience.


In a digital world, apps are more relevant than ever. Our video for Senja Avfall demonstrates how their app makes waste management easier and more efficient. We show how technology can make a difference.

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