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Search Engine Optimization

A path to increased visibility with SEO

What is SEO good for?

SEO helps improve visibility, traffic, user experience, and conversions on your website.

It helps you reach your target audience more effectively, build your website's authority, and achieve business goals.

When people search for relevant keywords or phrases, we want to ensure that your website shows up in the top spots in search results.

90% of websites gets no traffic from Google.

Did you “Google it”?

Organic traffic stands for 53% of global traffic to websites, and 70-80% of users ignore paid ads.

93% of all activities on the web start with a search engine.

The majority of all purchases in Norway begin with someone searching online. In Q1 2021 it had 4 out of 5 Norwegians shopped online.

Ranking high on these searches is important, as the top 5 placings get 69% of all the clicks. Less than 1% of the clicks go to page 2.

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Increased visibility

Get seen when customers search for products and services that you provide.

User experience

By providing a good user experience, you encourage visitors to stay longer on your site, explore more content, and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Competitive advantage

Stand out in the market and strengthen your digital presence. Hijack a niche or fight for your market.

Long-term results

Enjoy sustained organic traffic and conversions without having to pay for every single click.

When your website achieves high rankings in search results, its position can be maintained over time with proper maintenance and updates.

The gains of search engine optimization





A thorough keyword analysis helps us identify the most relevant and searched words within your industry.

  • Identify keywords
  • Analyze search volume and competition
  • Evaluate relevance
  • Customize different content for broad and long-tailed keywords


Competitor analysis provides valuable insight into how your competitors are performing online and what we can learn from them. What they do right, what works for them, and how we can improve your own ranking and visibility.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all about optimizing a website's technical elements to improve visibility, user experience, and ranking in search engine results. We identify issues with the website and exercise potential improvements.

Get visibility online

Search engine optimization doesn't have to be difficult

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